The membership of the Club consists of the following categories: Junior, Ordinary, Life, and Honorary. Members of all categories and all prospective members must be a member of The St. Andrews Golf Club, The New Golf Club of St. Andrews or The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Also, no member or prospective member shall at any time designate The St. Andrews Thistle Golf Club as his Home Club. The St. Andrews Thistle Golf Club will therefore have no “Home” members.

Annual Subscription £40.00 - due to be paid by the 31st March annually, for the year 1st March to 28th/29th February

The annual subscription must be paid before entering any Medal/Match Play competitions.

New members joining Fee £60.00 plus the Annual Subscription of £40.00, making a total of £100.00

Membership Application

An application for membership may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary at, or by downloading it by Clicking Here

Payment of Annual Subscriptions

The preferred method for payment of annual subscriptions is online to ClearAccept through Howdoipay, or in exceptional circumstances in cash to the Treasurer.

For your information, the facility to pay on-line has been provided by our Club Competition & Membership software provider Club Systems, through ClearAccept and Howdoipay

You have the right to cancel your membership within 7 days of making the payment.  To cancel, E-Mail the Secretary of The St Andrews Thistle Golf Club at  If you do cancel your membership within 7 days your payment will be refunded to you in full.

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